Using a Twitter automation software product is a viable marketing option among business owners who want to increase profit and popularity by using a single powerful program application. It is no doubt that Twitter is fast becoming a favorite platform of small business owners and online marketers in advertising products and services. The reach and […]

Almost everybody has a Twitter account and almost everyone will attest to their annoyance with Twitter bots. There has been a surge of tweet attacks from bots which makes the social networking site less fun and more disappointing. You may not know what they really are, but think of the spam and all the inconveniences […]

If you run an active profile on Twitter, this happens to you several times a day.  A new follower notification comes in and there is a decisive moment.  That 5 second review where you decide whether you are going to follow them back or not.  More times than not, this is a moment of fail. […]

The same question comes up when talking about Twitter marketing and promotion: How can I get more Twitter followers?  When users are just starting out on Twitter, they don’t have many connections and don’t know many people in the Twitterverse.  And with just a handful of followers and resulting low credibility, no one is getting […]

When the average user thinks about Twitter as a platform, they see its social features and benefits.  Connecting, networking, socializing and interacting with people all over the world. When a marketer things about Twitter, they see a huge pool of users to which they can promote their products and services.  We see failed examples of […]

When starting to have your own Twitter account, one of the first things that people what to know after setting up their profile and send out a few tweets is to increase the number of twitter followers. We are not talking about general users, but followers who would be interested in what they have to […]

Twitter has been at the top of the most popular social networking sites for a while now, and it doesn’t appear to be going anywhere.  Using the mega social platform for promotion or marketing can be quite tedious and time consuming. Unfortunately, the task of following and unfollowing users to build the perfect user base […]

Twitter is really a powerful tool for online social networking. Promoting your products online, services, work all while getting to know people on the web is fun. People around the web are just like you and me, they want that excitement of socializing and meeting new people around the world and getting more friends daily. […]