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Why Digg is Dead: One Gigantic Linkbait

The term “linkbait” refers to a search engine optimization (SEO) technique that is growing increasingly popular with website developers to lure people to their sites. And while social bookmarking sites like Digg, Shoutwire, Reddit, and several others have been a great collection point for sharing information, they are also prone to corruption and exploitation in the hands of some individuals.

Out of all the platforms, Reddit seems to be the best since it has a great user base and excellent moderation. Any spam or clickbait gets instantly removed or downvoted. Check out Reddiquette to find out how to use Reddit for marketing without being spammy.

Here are a few reasons why sites like Digg are becoming unwitting tools in a creative internet spammers arsenal:

First, each site offers some sort of an incentive to the individual to submit content. At first glance, this makes sense. If there was no motivation to submit, the amount of content submitted would be dramatically less. So to encourage activity, each site employs some sort of point system to the content and the submitters. For example, Digg and Shoutwire members can vote on the sites they think are good, driving that content to the front page and driving other links into relative obscurity.

However, this creates a sort of “Lord of the Flies” feel to the way things operate. Everything quickly becomes a popularity contest.

Because the content is voted on, a competition is created among submitters as to who can get the most votes. A submitter who gets their links to the front page of Digg enough times soon starts becoming a notable celebrity within the Digg community. As a result of this, articles submitted by this person quickly gain in popularity and may reach the front page simply because they were submitted by the individual and not because the link is of any real worth.

This system of voting on submissions also creates a large number of individuals that become fervently dedicated to deciding which articles move to the top and which slide to obscurity. This fanatical zeal that some individuals have over controlling the popularity of an article can also extend to the individual submitting the article. If one of these zealots decides that they don’t like a certain submitter, then they will to bury that person’s submitted link, regardless if the link was worthwhile or not.

Secondly, the more a link is tagged and submitted to social bookmarking sites, the more traffic flows to that site. People know that if their link makes it to the front page of Digg, they will be swamped with traffic. This is known as the “Digg Effect” However, this methodology leaves itself wide open to corruption and exploitation by spammers. Because of the appeal of heavy traffic, Digg has become a platform for individuals employing SEO techniques to drive traffic to their sites. It doesn’t matter if the content is any good, only that it encourages a reader to go to that person’s website. As a result of this, the quality of the content submitted on Digg slowly diminishes over time.

A link can earn a large number of votes just by being interesting to the viewer, regardless of whether or not the information is true, accurate or correct.

A perfect example of this happened recently on Digg. A link was submitted that exclaimed, “Just out from Reuters 650,000 PS3s to be recalled!!” The link grew in popularity and within two hours of being submitted, was voted on enough to drive it to the front page of the Digg site. The link went to a fake article on someone’s blog. The purpose of the submission was just to get people to go to this individual’s website, yet even after it was shown to be bogus, the link continued to gain votes and remained on the front page of Digg for several hours until the moderators finally pulled the plug.

And finally, another problem inherent with social bookmarking sites is that a folksonomic methodology to cataloging content (I.E. Tagging) has drawbacks in that the tags can be misspelled, mislabeled, can have multiple meanings, etc. This causes confusion and misclassification of content, making the intended content nearly impossible to find.

Social Bookmarking is a useful way to find data and stay up to date on news and information that is of interest to the individual using the site. They offer a way for a reader to find content that is interesting to the individual while also providing information, news, and points of view that might go overlooked by mainstream media – whether intentionally or unintentionally.

However, don’t think for one second that what you are looking at is unbiased or unfiltered content.

Reaping the SEO benefits of Twitter

When the average user thinks about Twitter as a platform, they see its social features and benefits.  Connecting, networking, socializing and interacting with people all over the world. When a marketer things about Twitter, they see a huge pool of users to which they can promote their products and services.  We see failed examples of this every day with spammers.

Another use for Twitter is SEO.  When you ask somebody about what they think about Twitter, they usually don’t think about SEO.  Google has openly publicized the search benefits of Social Signals.  Here is Matt Cutts speaking on this topic.

Tweeting a link can give you some SEO juice.  What is really giving the big benefits is when that tweet is naturally retweeted and shared. When properly optimized, tweets and twitter accounts can give you the max SEO benefits possible.

  1. Select an account name wisely. Optimize your Twitter account name as close as possible to your target keywords. Your name appears to be the head of your Twitter account and obviously serves as the one to be promoted.
  2. Fill out your profile URL. Adding your homepage URL to your profile is an easy, quick link back to your website.  The more popular your account is, the more powerful this link is.
  3. Spread the word.  Think about big ways to build your link profile to your Twitter account. You can integrate your Twitter URL into your website acting as a call to action on the site for those users to follow you on Twitter.
  4. Select the initial words of each tweet carefully. Your tweets serves and appears to be important for SEO as it determines what appears in the tweet’s title tag when it shows up as a top search result on Google. Some of your full tweets and all of its character is indexed in the search results, but not in their entirety.
  5. Write keyword-rich tweets.  Starts you tweet with a primary keyword phrase to them each message. Take advantage by using some active lingo or buzz words as this will enable you to capitalize on timely searches on those terms. Think carefully about which word you can use that is best convey your message and also allow you to leverage the real-time.
  6. Mind the retweetability. Make sure you’re that your tweets character limits allows for optimal “retweetability”. If you want your tweets to proliferate on Twitter, its deal is to keep it at least 120 characters so your followers can easily add and follow it.
  7. Optimize your bio. Optimize your Twitter page’s “Bio” line so it includes the most important keywords to you. Take advantage of this page because your bio often is consistently indexed so its contents are what provide your Twitter page with its core relevance.
  8. Last, give them what they want. People want interesting and beneficial information.  If your tweet and content are dry and boring, then its not going to get share.  Read up on linkbait and viral content to master this last optimization.

Twitter SEO is like email marketing. Your number one priority is to engage a solid relationship with your followers by offering interesting and useful things for them to look at. Once you have that in place you can add your own links and promotional marketing to drives sales. In addition, getting more Twitter friends is a must-have.

You can use twitter friend adder software that allows you to add lots of friends/followers immediately fit for your needs. You can do almost everything to optimize your sites and brands in Twitter.

Twitter Tools

Twitter is one of the most popular social networks today and its popularity grows stronger as the time passes by. Twitter is definitely the top microblogging social platform in existence. One of the great things about Twitter is the development community and the vast number of Twitter tools available to make the most of your experience.

Managing your followers and friends on Twitter is not easy and can be quite tedious. But it is a fact that your success on Twitter depends to how active you are with your followers. If you’re using Twitter for personal, corporate use, or to manage the brand of a client, you’ll need the right tools to find and engage the ongoing discussions. There are a lot of Twitter tools to choose from.

Our favorite Twitter tool is Tweet Adder. There is no better tool to accumulate tons of targeted followers and automate all of the tedious tasks associated with maintaining a presence on Twitter. Tweet Adder has a free demo you can grab here: Try Tweet Adder Free

Here is a list of some other Twitter tools that can be of great help.

  1. GroupTweet – This is perfect for you to choose a certain message to send to a group of followers, friends and family
  2. TweetLater – This schedules your tweets for your later time, saving time from being stuck to Twitter. It also enables you to email keyword alerts, such as sending “Hi”messages to your new followers.
  3. TweetDeck – Tweetdeck is our favorite multi account dashboard. Its job is managing your incoming and outgoing tweets. It also helps you to post images, videos and links.
  4. Twimailer – It is like a middle man that allows your emails to go directly to your original email account.
  5. ReTweet – This is used to find out how many retweets you and other Twitter users have through this service.
  6. TwitterBuzz – This will tell you what’s being linked to most on Twitter.
  7. Twitteriffic – Allows you to open multiple windows, which reduces the likelihood that you’ll accidentally send a critical tweet to the wrong account. You can color-code your incoming tweets to help you highlight mentions and replies.
  8. Nearbytweets – Is a geography-centric Twitter tool (localizing Twitter) for social networking, building customer relationships, and monitoring real-time buzz.
  9. Tweepme – When a new member joins the community, the TweepMe system automatically has them follow the other members — and the other members follow them back.
  10. Twellow – Twellow is a directory of public Twitter accounts, with hundreds of categories and search features to help you find people who matter to you.
  11. Tweetburner – Use Tweetburner to share links and you can track their usage.

Give these Twitter tools a try and you will be able to manage your Twitter account and Twitter Marketing strategy with ease. These will not only save your time but will also make your Twitter experience more fun. Hope you will find these Twitter tools useful.

Getting Targeted Twitter Followers

When starting to have your own Twitter account, one of the first things that people what to know after setting up their profile and send out a few tweets is to increase the number of twitter followers. We are not talking about general users, but followers who would be interested in what they have to offer.

One of the ways to get followers is for you to start following people in hopes that they will follow you back. So how will you face the odds that people you follow who are interested the specific topic you provided will follow you back? There are lots of ways to find followers that are most likely to follow you back. The key is looking for a Twitter adder software program. This software serves as automation tool that follows users to a specific keyword. So for just clicking on users to follow one by one, how do you feel relevant for just having them all in just one place and in one time?

There are several apps that you can use to track target similar followers. Here are some.

Tweet Adder

Tweet Adder increases your targeted follower count and automates all of the tasks associated with the role of a Twitter power user.  Saves ton of time and mundane work.  We love this app.

Keeps a track of how many people are following Twitter members, also includes predictions based on numbers as to what their following. Once you put the keyword to search what specified topic you want to search, you will eventually get results based on the information in Twitter member profiles. This sometimes pop-out to what they tweet, which isn’t always a good indicator of a particular member’s interest. The result shows the number of people following each member. By using TwitterCounter, you can get number of Twitter friends from the list they provided.

It allows member to add a list of friends on Twitter based on specific criteria. There are lots of list of Twitter members who follow you back. Each of the lists gives the user’s name and their profile description. Simply use a sample browser’s search feature to highlight some particular keywords and check those members you want to follow. Once you use this, you can now follow selected members.

This software allows you to bring back the followers of a user and its information details. It shows the number of following, followers, tweets, and retweets. So the best thing to do is to find a Twitter member in your same field with a huge following. In this way, you can be sure that everyone following them is actually interest in their topic, not just in a return follow.

There are lots of ways to get your targeted twitter followers. You can use several uniquely design twitter adder software that helps you in your daily around routine on Twitter. The best thing to do is to spend more time to maximize your friends list to achieve whatever goal you want to have.

Getting Twitter Followers: The Long Version

The same question comes up when talking about Twitter marketing and promotion: How can I get more Twitter followers?  When users are just starting out on Twitter, they don’t have many connections and don’t know many people in the Twitterverse.  And with just a handful of followers and resulting low credibility, no one is getting in line to follow them.

Working on Twitter for the first time can be intimidating.  Your list of followers is tiny, no one is paying attention to your Tweets, and your time is not well spent. Even after being on Twitter for a while, you may notice your follower count plateaus. Marketing on Twitter is often thought of as a numbers game.  The more followers, the more credibility, and reach.

Quantity vs. Quality

The old adage applies to Twitter, it’s a choice between quantity vs quality.  The first thing to do when you think about strategies to increase the number of Twitter followers is to specify who you would like to be in your list of Twitter followers, is it really important to have lots of Twitter followers, or is it best to get Twitter followers that are most likely interested in the topics on which you are tweeting. There is a distinct difference between quality followers and quantity.  If you’re using Twitter for your business it’s important to ensure that the followers you follow are interested in your topic, so you need to balance all your activities to get numbers or activities aimed at earning specific followers in your target market – this is because having lots of random followers may turn off the targeted Twitter followers. So always think about how and why you are using Twitter when deciding which strategies fit for you.  In most cases, quality wins the argument.

The “Dark Side”

There’s one online marketing technique that goes against the grain of normal methods.  The “Dark Side” or “Black Hat” methods.  These techniques are usually against the rules with the online social platforms like Twitter and Facebook.  We recommend to people, who are on Twitter, not use the “Dark Side” techniques because your account might be penalized or disabled, these techniques can put out all your legitimate followers and end up making you look very bad towards them. Here, are some tips clearly noted, as “Dark Side”. You will encounter all these methods as you go along, and it’s important for you to detect some techniques that may give you more problems than benefits.  In our opinion, using automation and SPAMing/cloaking/being sketchy are two completely different things.

Techniques to Get You More Twitter Followers

1. Use Relevant Content to get Twitter Followers.

Your content is needed to be relevant and interesting to the users you want to follow. Find out and provide content to your followers on a regular basis and you’ll see how your followers grow. Also, include some other types of content like straight messages/comments on other topics, links to your own made articles, links to other materials, surveys, images, etc. – anything that may help you look worthy.

Posting some trending topics may get you lots of Twitter followers that are more likely interested in trending topics. As many Twitter users post about any general topics as well as those different topics to their businesses this could lead to attracting more users, but they won’t be interested in your other topics as well, so balance all the topics you post.

The Dark Side: Post links only to trending topics. Look some interesting articles that are already posted, package them us as your own and report them, without giving any credit to the original poster. Include links only to your own topics and no links to other types of sources. This might be a bad way because you show yourself will show how not very helpful you are to your followers.

2. Make a Profile that will get you more followers.

After finding all people to follow using “Who to follow” users can also find your profile by using this search engine and Twitter tools if the information for your profile is relevant and of interest to them.

•          Your Twitter profile ‘Picture’ can make a difference if users read your existing post and follow you. Using your own picture is a lot convincing on increasing number followers rather than having some icon. It helps people to know who you are when meeting face to face. An icon may be better, but it’s best to have your own personal picture and often not to change it as it will confuse some Twitter users.

•          Make a good ‘Name’ will be based on your overall Twitter technique, having an appealing name can be a great strategy because it most likely follows you. Consider using good keywords in your name, so people may see you faster when it comes up in searches.

•          ‘Location’ is important if you want to have followers near your area, or your place is relevant to your posts.

•          Add some links to your most relevant site under ‘Web’. Including social profile site can be a plan B if you don’t have a site to include, but be sure that it has reliable information about you. Having non-links might turn-off some Twitter users. Its time to make your own page, creating a special landing page on your site specifically welcoming those users that have arrived at your site from Twitter.

•          ‘Bio’ is the important thing, write some things about yourself that impress the respectable followers and be sure to include some high-traffic keywords, as well. These are the keywords that people will be searching.

Update your background!  There are tons of resources out there for Twitter backgrounds.  Find something relevant for your background, or even better, have a custom Twitter background made.  You can get a custom background for $5 on Fiverr.  Having a custom background keeps your readers engaged and builds trust and relevancy.

The Dark Side: Putting a sexy image for your picture. It does not actually work for people. You list some high-traffic keywords in your Twitter profile so that it will come up on search results whenever someone searches.

3. Only Follow people you really want to follow.

Following people is not that easy, but many people follow everyone that follows them. Check out the tab “who to Follow” on Twitter, and see who twitter suggest you follow also you can search it for yourself. Always remember to follow those users that are prospects, influencers, clients in your industry, media etc.

The Dark Side: To people, who are into quantity rather than the quality of the list of Twitter followers; follow as many users as possible, it doesn’t matter who they are of what they’re interested are. Lots of people (mostly bots) will follow you back and your follower count will grow.  Then you can unfollow the unimportant Twitter accounts and keep your Twitter TFF ratio intact. Some users will eventually unfollow you, but many will not. Twitter has disabled many accounts that have done this, so watch out the numbers of people you follow and unfollow at once.

4. Interaction with your Twitter Friends.

•          Always listen to people that want to interact with you and ‘@reply’ to join the conversations or start your own with the. In this case, you get to know more about them and chances are they will follow you back.

•          ‘Retweet’ post by these people, using the old version “RT” so that the user will appreciate that you are retweeting and may then to follow you.

The Dark Side: You need to retweet everything the Twitter profiles you are following post, and in turn, they will follow you back and return the retweet favors.  Twitter may eventually disable your account if they found out that the number of retweets is not normal by any regular post.

•          #FF or #FollowFriday is a common thing where you can ask some people to follow. If you #ff those people, it would get their attention, and they may be thankful enough to give you a mention to their followers. The best chance is to a have a higher quality #ff if you include best quality things about the follower you want them to follow.

One Pleasant #FollowFriday showing why you need to follow the user.

•          Be thankful and generous. Thank those users who follow you where you mentioned them so that others think to follow you, as well.

5. Find people that INFLUENCE the people you want.

•          Some new users jump out being shy into an existing conversation, but that’s what Twitter is all about. The Tweeting or post is for all to see, if a user want it to share to limited people only private they’d go offline.

•          You as a long-time user on Twitter should help the newer users, especially if they don’t know around Twitter, and if you are making a good effort on helping them, they eventually follow you and mention you on their tweets. This is one way of building a strong bond relationship with your twitter followers; don’t be shy to ask for a Retweet.

•          If you particularly interact with your desired followers be sure to watch every post you made so you don’t appear like your needy or just a local-businessman that wants to sell your product all day, which will be a huge turn off to your followers and your existing followers.

•          Be aggressive on looking at profiles of your followers that you want to follow and then see who they follow, if you interact with these followers they may follow you and their followers may follow you eventually.

The Dark Side: Be sure to ‘mentions’ and ‘@replies’ few people promoting your businesses and services without any other context involved. This could be spam and can get you blocked by some users and Twitter might disable your account for abuse behavior. If you use SEO spam and email, many followers often to get away of being blocked, if only for a short of getting attention; but it won’t give you long relationships with your twitter followers.

6. You have all the time in the world, including getting more Twitter Friends.

If your followers are online, make sure you too are online so that you can interact with your twitter people in real time. Post some context regularly so that they will see how active you are of giving real information; but don’t post a lot because people might take it as spam and eventually unfollow you. Find the right time on posting context.

7. SPECIAL OFFERS for your Followers

Some surveys say that users usually retweet links that are useful and an interesting content rather than random special offer, if you choose to post lots of special offers this might be just the reason why they follow you and eventually unfollow you if you lose your special offer. This won’t bring you long-time relationships with some of your twitter friends.

8. Use your advantage among your Twitter competitions.

Competitions among others are quite difficult. Twitter competitions, like special offers, may bring more twitter followers but make sure to make special competitions that is well organized and worth taking for so that many users will attract and the right kind of followers will become your long-term followers also it can avoid numerous conflicts over the other competition.

The Dark Side: Regularly run competitions that encourage users to tweet and retweet a post or link over and over, or to let them use different Twitter accounts to tweet and retweet and get more chances to win. These techniques are clearly against Twitter guidelines, so you run the risk of losing your Twitter account.. This show the techniques may look you bad, and you will lose lots of twitter followers.

9. LIVE TWEET Events and TV Shows

There are some countries that some Twitter people are following TV shows together, and you will found numerous of people to follow, during these live tweeting sessions. This sees that Social Medias is a big threat to the TV industry because people are reading use to their social media channels while not watching and not paying attention to the shows and commercials. This is true in other places and for popular TV shows or celebrities you are likely to find a group of people on Twitter that shares your interest. The types of shows that usually good with ‘live tweets’ streams are the live and reality shows like Academy Awards, sporting events, The Apprentice, etc.

‘Live Tweeting’ is a big part of some conferences on the Twitter world, other events and webinars (online and offline), particularly those related to the technology and Internet. Posting things related to the said TV Show might be a solid way to start an interaction with other people on Twitter and eventually might follow you after. This will be a good bonus to you because of its huge exposure and the reaction of the people on Twitter will be extravagant. Include the #hashtag for the ‘live-tweeting’ session so that your tweets will be seen during the live sessions, and after if they do a search.

The Dark Side: Post the latest promotional message using the #hashtag of a “live tweeting” session to gain popularity among users who are on the session. Lots people may see you post, but most will be irritate by it. It’s better work on building the bond of the relationship towards your followers, then promoting yourself to them nicer later.

10. Use #HASHTAGS for your topics.

Tagging other twitter users simultaneously to your post is strongly not recommended. Hashtags is better on if the topic is not used in your messages. Some industries used Hashtags in a regular basis then it would be a great deal to use the agreed Hashtags. I expect that people on Twitter will be more aware on Hashtags and eventually overuse it in hopes of showing up in real time Google searches, but this tend to be incorrect because your messages will be hard to read and not easily can be retweeted. It’s better if you use the desired word in your messages and it will still show up in the searche results as well.

#hashtags- are a visual aid to help people see specifically what you are posts are all about.

11. TWITTER DIRECTORIES AND APPS that will help you get more Twitter followers.

There are lots of Twitter Applications that claim to help Twitter users to get your more followers than the manual adding. Well, they help you on looking users with similar interest to you or show you who you want to follow and don’t want to follow, etc. Any purpose that you want to use on this Twitter Apps it only shows to make you feel comfortable with how they use your information. The applications will auto-follow or send direct email or messages for you, ensure the right balance of actions as Twitter monitors and restrict the number of actions that can occur within short periods of time.


•          Tweet Adder – in our opinion, this is the #1 tool when it comes to increasing your follower count

• – it helps you show a person who is not following you.

• – it shows tweets that gained or lose you followers.

• – Twitter’s directory of tagged topics.

• – it shows when your followers are online.

• – a unique app that measure a users influence to you based on Twitter metrics.

• – manage follows/followers.

• – Twitter users Pages.

• – it automatically ranks users by their numbers of followers and provides statistics if you sign up.

• – find similar interests.

• – it provides you a daily or weekly online ‘paper’ showing link posted by the targeted people you follow. People being included in tweets is really appreciated and come out that your account will be brought a number of new followers and eventually may follow you.

• – compares followers of two users.

• – another app that compares followers between two users.

• – $45 after a 7 day trial. It will send follow request.

• – the top twitter account will follow you back.

Many of these apps are free or have a free version, and many offer premium versions, so remember to look for apps that will suit your needs.

The Dark Side: Don’t waste your time developing good relationships with your followers. Instead, buy more followers!

•          Buy followers yourself – use cash, gifts or donations to purchase followers.

•          Buy followers through a service such as Usocial (100,000 for $3,500)

•          Buy an existing account that has a huge number of followers. This may be good if the account is related to your interest or business.

If you buy followers, let us know how you did it. We have read things about it but and haven’t tried ourselves.  We would love to hear some feedback on how it works.

12. Bring up your Twitter account whenever possible

•          Use the Twitter profile link and post it to your other websites.

•          Business cards or letterhead or any kind of printed material.

•          Other Social networking sites.

•          Advertising online and offline.

•          Tell people to follow you on Twitter in some groups, or events, etc.

13. MEMBER on OFFLINE COMMUNTIY to join Twitter.

Having active organizations of people will make them a much stronger presence online people. If all of the members in your group on Twitter participate, promoting themselves and the said organizations will benefit all. Look every following group of people as a potential follower.

•          Your boss, colleagues, etc.

•          Friends and family.

•          People you worked at in previous employment.

•          Member of offline networking groups.

•          People that share the same interest with you: sport teams, arts organizations, clubs, etc.

Your full participation of using Twitter can result in influence of lots of people.  This is the foundation for Marketing on Twitter.  A new user won’t pull thousands and thousands of followers on Twitter with the white hat methods, but you will get solid-real active twitter users that will give you good referrals for you. Quality vs Quantity. Your circle of friends is the key to reach out to the community.

Try these techniques. If you do have other techniques that have helped you since you started marketing on Twitter, we would live to hear about them and how they worked for you.  Please post in the comments.

Why no one is following you on Twitter

If you run an active profile on Twitter, this happens to you several times a day.  A new follower notification comes in and there is a decisive moment.  That 5-second review where you decide whether you are going to follow them back or not.  More times than not, this is a moment of fail. It doesn’t take long to figure out whether that person is getting a follow back or not.  So many people are getting this wrong it is just painful.

Most people are selective about who they follow and pay attention to.  If you don’t have an audience, what is the point of trying to market on Twitter?

We spend alot of time talking about how to get more Twitter followers and what Twitter tools get you there.  Lets talk about what’s preventing you from getting followers and keeping them.

1.  No profile pic or obvious fake profile pic

It amazes me when I see people sporting the default Twitter egg profile pic.  It also amazes me when people are using Myspace-esque fake profile pics. Is that really you Megan Fox? Nobody is buying the story on either.  Follow FAIL.  Use an original image or graphic, its that easy.  I don’t agree that your profile pic has to be your actual personal picture.  But it does need to be something original.  Creative and attractive images are a bonus.

2.  Blank or scammy bio

Your Twitter bio is your 5 second intro to the masses of people in the Twitterverse.  If its blank, its an immediate red flag to avoid you pretty much at all cost.  If I have no idea who you are or what you do, why would I follow you?  Equally as bad is a scammy or spammy bio. This includes:  Going right for the sales pitch in your bio, keyword stuffing and blatant sexual provocation.  Easy to spot from a mile away.  Follow FAIL.

3.  Peddling damaged goods

If you are pushing the type of offers I am talking about, I doubt it matters whether people follow you or not.  But here goes anyway.  Here are a list of sketchy and offers which I call “damaged goods”:  Work from home/easy profit systems (BizOp Rebills), acai berry/ colon cleanse (Diet Rebills), government grants/unclaimed money (Grants Rebills), and magic website/niche traffic systems.  Most people who are active on Twitter are active on the internet and are wise to these scammy offers and products.  Follow FAIL.

4.  Experts and gurus

The real experts and gurus don’t have to advise you of their status.   If you really are an expert, your tweets and following will speak for itself, not your bio tag.  I could go on for days on my utter contempt for these types, but I digress.  Self proclaimed titles like:  Social Media Expert, or Online Marketing Guru make it such an easy decision.  Follow FAIL.

5.  0 Updates

You are following 900 people, have 3 followers and 0 updates.  Gee, are you working that follower bot hard enough?  Don’t get me wrong, I love Tweet Adder.  But its an add on to your Twitter marketing campaign, not the only effort you put into it.  Tweet Adder compliments a well run Twitter profile, it doesn’t replace the basics (Tweeting).  Follow FAIL.

6.  Fail Twitter Stream

A quick look at a Twitter profile’s stream.timeline will tell you a lot.  Is every Tweet pushing a product?  Are they arguing with random people?  Are they promoting an event in all caps?  Are they Tweeting links with no description?  EPIC Follow FAIL.

Obviously my list isn’t perfect, but its definitely in the ballpark.  Running a successful Twitter profile isn’t hard.  It just takes some basic effort and common sense.  If you think you are going to load up a follower bot, follow a thousand people and start spamming links to make money; you are sorely mistaken.  By nature, Twitter is a massive collection of closely nit communities and networks.  If you want to break into one of those groups, you need to do your due diligence.

What does than mean in application?

  • Fill out your profile: Bio and picture with original, non-spammy content.

  • Provide value.  Link relevant content with descriptions, answer questions, be kind.

  • Interact and engage with your network.  Twitter isn’t a 1 way conversation.

Twitter Bots: Don’t be that guy

Almost everybody has a Twitter account and almost everyone will attest to their annoyance with Twitter bots. There has been a surge of tweet attacks from bots which makes the social networking site less fun and more disappointing. You may not know what they really are but think of the spam and all the inconveniences that it caused you in the past. Twitter bots are much like spam, but this time, they are actually able to automate everything. How can you escape the clutches of twitter bots and how can you get rid of followers who aren’t even human? In addition, there are Twitter account owners who behave like bots as well. Not only are they deceiving, the content and the newsworthiness of their links leave an impression that their Twitter account is nothing but spam.

In order for you to make your presence known and to attract more followers, there are certain guidelines which need to be followed by account owners. This is especially true since most people’s main aim in creating a Twitter account is to make their interests and personality known to a large number of people. You really wouldn’t be as popular and your Twitter page will definitely be boring and annoying if you don’t know how to manage it accordingly.

Because of one’s yearning to obtain more followers, some people tend to verify all incoming notifications and requests from unknown people. What most of us are missing out on is the fact that bots usually send their invites by matching keywords which is their focus of interest as well. There are Twitter bots that are too good to be true. One day, they will be feeding you with pretty good links and information. However, in the long run, you may find them a bit suspicious as their activities of retweeting have gone way too much. Twitter bot retweets congest and clog your timeline. Instead of being able to find interesting topics from different followers, you end up reading articles and viewing links which are useless altogether.

How can you Avoid Twitter bots?

The harsh reality is the fact that Twitter bots are here to stay. Twitter is a good venue for social networking and marketing. Business owners may use one Twitter bot or two in their efforts to optimize the said social program as an integral part their online marketing efforts. However, to some of them, the whole process of social networking had already become automated.  The best thing you can do is Mark as Spam and Ignore.

Twitter software bots are generally useful, but only if they are utilized in moderation. If you decide on creating a bot for your Twitter account, make sure that you still gain control and infuse your personality in your tweets or retweets.

If your Twitter page is just full of spammers and bots, here are some helpful steps which you can take so you can weed out these automatic spammers and keep your “real followers” in the loop.

•    Don’t just follow people or entities back who are following you

Most people practice courtesy and respect online too much that they become victims of Twitter bot attacks. Thing is, there are no social protocols which need to be followed when you’re in Twitter. Only follow those who you personally deem are legit and are not only in Twitter to become a menace to other individuals. There are identifying signs which point who among your followers are mere bots and who are actually humans. Try to look at the message when you receive notifications and requests. Overly compelling statements or unbelievable information will most likely catch your attention and are more likely Twitter bots as well.

The general principle is to look closer into the pattern and activity of a particular Twitter account before approving their request. It’s always ideal to keep your followings to necessities. If you don’t think that you will mostly benefit from following an individual, don’t feel guilty and downright ignore it. Your credibility won’t be as much affected if you have a not-so-huge following or a large number of followers of your account.

•    Don’t be Twitter bot spammer yourself

Yes, it’s easy to simply put an automated Twitter adder bot in place as a Twitter Tool when you’re busy with work but at the same time, still remain active in the said social network site.  However, if you aim to gain more followers, try to balance your time and plan your Twitter feeds accordingly. Twitter bots are helpful to a certain extent. However, when they are used all the time to push feeds and links all at once, they become spam. There are also over-enthusiastic individuals who usually exhibit this as well. They don’t put so much planning and thinking into their feeds that they become a menace to their online community too. If you don’t want to lose followers, sound more human in your feeds and make them look presentable and interesting as well. Not all spammers are bots, and if you allow yourself to look like one in Twitter, it will only take a short amount of time and your followers will slowly but surely block or unfollow you.

Twitter bots have successfully reduced the value of tweet feeds and retweets. With this in mind, using Twitter management software such as Tweet Adder, which creates, schedules, and organizes newsworthy links and information on your account, is most certainly a must-have. This is especially true if you want to develop or maintain authority in this social networking site. This software application also allows you to unfollow, block, and ignore Twitter bots all at a click of a mouse.

Using automated software such as the Tweet Adder and personally managing and customizing your account settings regularly is a combination that will attract more followers and increase your popularity and authority online.

Schedule a Tweet and Improve Business Profitability

When utilizing Twitter as a major cog of a company’s social media advertising plan, one has to schedule a tweet to make sure that everything is posted in a consistent manner.

Contrary to Facebook users, “Tweeters” look frequently for updates and postings of the people or the entities that they follow. This does not mean however that there is no solution to this dilemma—this can be easily fixed by making an extensive plan that includes the exact time to schedule a tweet.

Things to be consider by those who want to schedule a tweet

When coming up with a tweet schedule, one has to determine how long it will be. It would be best to coordinate with marketing personnel about the monthly special promos, sales, and deals, because they will be included in the tweets. It would also be ideal if the information can only be attained in a bi-weekly or weekly manner, but it should be remembered that the goal of scheduling a tweet is to make marketing plans a lot easier. With this in mind, they should be arranged in a manner that can be easily adjusted just in case changes develop.

Putting the aforementioned factors into consideration, the first thing that should be done by users or Twitter moderators is getting a hold of all the marketing details that will be used and customize an account on one of the Twitter applications that are specifically designed to schedule a tweet in the easiest way possible. Tweet Adder is a great application that can be easily bought and utilized. This software will be explained at the latter part of this article.

The next thing that should be done is to perform scrupulous research with regards to the industry that subject of the business venture. It would be ideal to check out blog posts, Facebook posts, and other websites where essential information can be shared. It is a somewhat strenuous task but it is important to those who want to schedule a tweet in an effective and efficient way.

Afterwards, it would be best create a spreadsheet and input the acquired data with the URL and the name of the website. Continue the research and look for interesting quotes, images, videos, and other things that are of useful value. They should be added to the spreadsheet to make sure that all the required components are covered. They should be mixed up in a way that will complement each other every time a post is made.

Once the said things have been grasped and compiled, it is time to schedule a tweet and make a list of other important things. A good recommendation would be to follow the guidelines that are explained in the succeeding passages.

There should be intervals between the marketing tweets and the regular ones. There should also be defined down times that users do not have to post as repeatedly and vice versa. Following these simple guidelines can be of good help to those who work with different clients who are in a variety of time zones.

Lastly, Twitter Moderators should compile the data from the spreadsheet and come up with specific times and schedule a tweet with the use of Twitter applications. It can be very useful at first, but in the long run it can become a set and forget kind of job.

Simply put, one does not have to do other things on his or her Twitter account. This is because success in the Twitter scene can be achieved through proper scheduling and exposure. Afterwards, one can concentrate on other procedures to gain more followers, and come up with more informative Twitter lists, and retweet, among others.  These methods can be cultivated by Tweet Adder, a downloadable software that is specifically designed to maximize the usefulness of Twitter accounts.

The benefits of Tweet Adder for those who want to schedule a tweet

Twitter is probably the biggest social media site nowadays and individuals who are affected by the “Twitter bug” include celebrities, business moguls, and other prominent individuals. Because of these attributes this social networking site is a fun and profitable method to advertise products and services. This is where Tweet Adder comes into consideration.

This program can be set to automate a number of things on a Twitter account which is composed of sending tweets and direct messages as well as following and unfollowing users. These features allow users to have more time for other marketing and advertising tasks. Below are some of the things that can be attained by those who will utilize Tweet Adder:

Targets specific Twitter users and therefore increase the traffic for a particular website.

Works in the background, as such it works by itself for a certain period even if users are doing other tasks.

The settings can be managed to fit a user’s preference so it can be programmed to send tweets and adjusted to follow and unfollow a number of users on a daily basis.

It is very cost effective and requires just one time off payment.


After reading the article, it can be said that there are a myriad of benefits that can be attained by those who will make a schedule of tweets and use Tweet Adder. In the long run, the straightforward tasks can increase the traffic as well as improve overall profitability. It should be remembered that Twitter was designed to help people interact better. With this in mind, simple tasks such as schedule a tweet and use Tweet Adder can do wonders in terms of business development.

Twitter Automation Software – Knowing the Good and the Bad Practices to Maximize Profits

Using a Twitter automation software product is a viable marketing option for business owners who want to increase profit and popularity by using a single powerful program application. It is no doubt that Twitter is fast becoming a favorite platform for small business owners and online marketers in advertising products and services. The reach and influence that only Twitter provide are remarkable, and taking advantage of its power will only fast-track your enterprise to further success and authority.

The utilization of Twitter automation software is increasing in popularity as well. These products make Twitter management and business marketing easier and fun tasks for both novice and expert Twitter users. Software tools such as Tweet Adder assist users in managing and completing the tasks and functions that are normally associated with Twitter. The fact that tools such as Tweet Adder enable users to save time and effort when marketing online makes it a necessity.

Twitter automation software enables you to:

  • Gather more followers even when you are not online
  • Business owners to save a substantial amount of money
  • Instead of hiring a personal or virtual assistant to expand your reach online and increase the number of prospective clients, Twitter automation tools can perform all application tasks for you.
  • Owners can now use the most popular and influential social platform in marketing goods to a large group of people at any one time.
  • Marketing strategies are integrated into the most popular channel online
  • Stretch and increase the functionality of your Twitter account by using programs such as Tweet Adder. It just may be the only program that your business will ever need to grow and prosper.
  • Connect your business to account users who will most likely become interested in your products and services
  • Regular Twitter users and even business owners can use Twitter to disseminate useful information to increase popularity and even authority in their chosen field of industry or niche.
  • Deliver valuable products, services, and information even when you’re asleep. This is the main goal of setting up Twitter automation software in the first place. You want to reach out to followers 24/7.
  • Get desirable results in a fast, steady, and sure manner.

Taking advantage of Twitter as a social media marketing tool is important especially among new businesses. Twitter just might be the best place to start when you want to build relationships and profits along the way. Knowing the type of tools that you can use and those that you need to avoid altogether is crucial so you can be sure of continued success and increasing popularity as well.

Tweet Adder makes it possible for you to reach your business goals by simply automating applications and tasks for you. Remember though that not all applications should be automated using Twitter automation software. Twitter is after all, a social media platform. It was not created for marketing purposes only, but as an avenue where people can share ideas, thoughts, and useful information. Bots are not allowed and the all-essential human touch from users are highly recommended and encouraged too.

There are a couple of things that Tweet Adder can automate for your account. This automation tool, with all its advanced settings, makes all your activities in Twitter seem natural and human. Twitter basically terminates the account of users who implement bad automation practices. There are limitations when automating activities and tasks on Twitter. Below are some of the automation practices that you can implement with the help of Tweet Adder.

RSS Feeds to Tweets

If you run a blog you can simply connect this to your Twitter account by using Tweet Adder. Your blog posts will automatically display on your Twitter timeline one you type in the link and URL of your blog in the advanced settings of this Twitter automation program. Important news and relevant RSS feeds can also be connected to your Twitter account by simply setting up Tweet Adder. Not only are you sharing important content, you are also building relationships, interest, and even profits as you post them in your Twitter timeline.

Automatic reply

To generate and boost the interest of both new and old followers, you need to show them that you care. If you don’t have the time to send out messages to all your 2000 followers one by one, Tweet Adder though will enable automatic reply for you. You can easily direct important general answers to all your followers with a click of the mouse. Tweet Adder is simple to use, making your save more time as you increase your potential for profits.

Automatic following

The goal of using a Twitter automation tool is to reach out and create an impressive following not overnight, but over a period of time. Tweet Adder, with its advanced scheduling feature makes it possible for you to follow users in your chosen niche at an acceptable pace.

By simply typing in keywords, Tweet Adder will efficiently sweep over Twitterverse and find followers who may potentially become your future clients too. It does this function without looking like a bot. There is no such thing as overnight success in Twitter. This social media platform bans accounts that implement aggressive follow tools. Instead of gaining profit from utilizing automation tools, you end up losing integrity and clients as well.

Here are some bad automation practices that should be avoided at all costs. If you want your business to increase its authority, popularity, and profitability making sure that you do not automate these applications will prove to be helpful for your Twitter account and business image:

Automatic mentions

It is rather a rule of thumb to never automate @mention function. If you have more than a thousand followers, there is just no way that you can actually squeeze all of them in 140 –character Tweet. Consequently, automating @mentions is not appropriate based on Twitter standards. Your account will most likely end up getting banned or terminated if you automate this Twitter application.

Automatic messages

Automatic Tweets never generate the response that you would like to get from your followers. Why? Auto mentions and replies just don’t feel human at all. Even if Twitter allowed this, do you really think you can attract more followers and gain response and feedback from them?

You can schedule Tweets though with the use of Tweet Adder. You can compose and create your own Tweets and schedule them to be posted on your timeline during specified times of the day. You can even re-schedule insightful and useful re-tweets as well. Always make your followers want to follow you more by creating interesting and relevant posts that are truly your own.

Aggressive following and un-following feature

Automation of follow and unfollow application has its drawbacks. This is especially true if you are using Twitter automation software that does not feature a smart scheduling function. Automation is all about strategic scheduling of Twitter applications and tasks. There is just no way you can follow or unfollow a thousand users in a day. Twitter recognizes this fact and terminates all accounts that behave like bots. With Tweet Adder, you can weed out all accounts that you did follow but did not follow back. By simply manipulating the settings of your scheduler, it will be easier for you to manage your Twitter account as a social marketing platform.

Twitter Marketing

Twitter marketing is a growing trend and as everyone knows, Twitter is exploding! It has been mentioned on everything from ABC news to local newspapers to President Barack Obama having his own Twitter account. Imagine that, the President himself reading the tweet you wrote about your delicious dinner last night. While that is not likely to happen, with the power of Twitter, it is more likely than ever to! Marketers have realized the potential that is locked within Twitter and are working to take full advantage of it by using Twitter marketing. Twitter marketing is similar to many other Internet marketing techniques.

An individual finds a product or service that he or she wants to sell. This could be anything from an eBook about growing vegetables, hockey sticks or shoes to auto parts. The individual needs to be passionate about what they are doing in order to have the best results. They typically create a Twitter account that is under a username related to their topic or niche. The user then needs to change their background. Having the default Twitter background or failing to change to something related to the niche that an individual is promoting is a marketing killer!

Twitter marketing is similar to many other Internet marketing techniques. An individual finds a product or service that he or she wants to sell. This could be anything from an eBook about growing vegetables, hockey sticks or shoes to auto parts. The individual needs to be passionate about what they are doing in order to have the best results. They typically create a Twitter account that is under a username related to their topic or niche. The user then needs to change their background. Having the default Twitter background or failing to change to something related to the niche that an individual is promoting is a marketing killer! Image is everything, remember that.

While promotion and sales are two of the keys to marketing, it is important to go beyond that when you are using Twitter. Constantly tweeting about promotion may get you unfollowed, as many users are simply not interested in being bothered all day. They want to interact constantly with their clients. Do not think that you are being stupid if you post a silly Twitpic or YouTube video link. Make something funny about your products or pitch an innovative idea. The more ideas you have, the better! Best of all, respond to customers who interact with you on Twitter. Being responsive is extremely important and having tweets sent to a cell phone/smartphone is a crucial point.

Twitter marketing is not going to stop anytime soon. It is probably going to grow bigger and bigger. There are already companies such as Glidden Paint, the Twilight movie and Boost Mobile that are getting the idea of promoting in an online marketing environment. One of the biggest examples to date is Glidden Paint using Sponsored Tweets. Sponsored Tweets is owned by IZEA and is one of the largest online paid Twitter platforms to date. Users are sent offers when an advertiser finds them and they match the advertiser’s criteria. Twitter accounts for the advertiser, in this case, Glidden Paint, can be used to continue the promotion.

Accessing the millions of people with Twitter accounts is the key to any Twitter marketing campaign. Using a tool like a Twitter Adder makes accessing this massive user pool even easier.  The best thing about Twitter is that it costs nothing for a user to create an account. In fact, anyone who wants can sign up for an account or several accounts if they want to. The more effort they put into it, either through the use of a Twitter adder or via natural promotion, the more impressive the results will be!

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