Twitter is really a powerful tool for online social networking. Promoting your products online, services, work all while getting to know people on the web is fun. People around the web are just like you and me, they want that excitement of socializing and meeting new people around the world and getting more friends daily. Here are some things you can do yourself  to get more twitter followers.  So here they are:

Things YOU can do to get more Twitter followers:

  1. Fill out you bio. Your latest tweets and replies don’t really mean much to someone else that doesn’t know you. Your bio is the only place where you expressively tell things about yourself and telling them who you really are. Also, bio is place on Twitter’s suggested user’s page where a nice bio gives lots of follower.
  2. Tweet passionately. It’s not all about what you do, it’s about the content inside your tweet. If people enjoy your content, they’ll mostly add you because they’re hoping to read more from you. Learn more about what to post or tweet to increase number amount of your friends.
  3. Take and upload your picture. A nice and pleasant picture can increase the amount of friends.
  4. Follow your followers. You should focus on your followers, watch on what they watch and what they do. Your followers should probably watch the top twitter user’s tweets and this will be the chance to add those top twitter users.
  5. Reply. Put some time to get involved to the top trending topics. Look for the topics and hook yourself to the conversation.
  6. Be resourceful. It’s important to share valuable content that is really adding something to your network. Don’t just throw bunch of links and tweets that are not so interesting.
  7. Be smart. Don’t just randomly add friends. Instead, identify the right people for you, look for existing conversations and answer questions been asked. These processes could get you more twitter friends.
  8. Manage your tweets. Think about what to tweet. You need to have a balance and not so extreme tweets that some can’t involved. Try not to annoy people and too little forgotten. Be consistent and have an idea of everything.
  9. Make an announcement. Let your Twitter friends know where they can find you so that they can easily follow you. Don’t just make announcement either; post something to talk about.
  10. Be active on the site. The real and best way to get more twitter followers is to be active all the time. The respond of followers regularly to the things that they post is one thing that shows that you’re still actively out there.

Twitter is showing up everywhere. It’s seemingly impossible to escape from it. Ignoring Marketing on Twitter would just be foolish, but you need followers to make it count.  Being creative is one way of gaining more friends and more likely is that you’ll see a success on the site. In this case, you will be able to build a community based on a solid foundation and let your product promote itself.