Twitter has been at the top of the most popular social networking sites for a while now, and it doesn’t appear to be going anywhere.  Using the mega social platform for promotion or marketing can be quite tedious and time-consuming. Unfortunately, the task of following and unfollowing users to build the perfect user base is a big hassle to the heavy user.  There is an answer though.  Tweet adder automates these repetitive and mundane tasks, freeing up your time and your mental energy that could be put towards building and growing your business. This is a preview about Tweet Adder.

Tweet Adder is a software that solves the needs of the power user on twitter.  The first and biggest feature of Tweet Adder is the automatic and follows and unfollows, based on your settings and target audience.   In this case, users will no longer waste time following/unfollowing friends manually as Tweet Adder will do it all for them. It also automates:  messages, retweet, scheduled tweets, replies and more!This is a very powerful tool, where you only need to open your account once in a while to check whether it’s doing what it was told. Meaning you can leave the software running on its own and you don’t have to deal with it all day long.

Another functional feature about Tweet Adder is the powerful search options to find Twitter users relevant to your interests.   There are millions of people/users surrounding twitter tweeting each other each day asking something about what is what. Tweet adder has the ability to follow people by tweet keyword. You can follow anyone who you want to follow and the bonus part is that it automatically unfollows user that didn’t followed you back.

There’s more about Tweet Adder’s features. Tweet adder can auto-retweet friends that you selected, which is really a fantastic way to be on to the top and make your account appear as active as it can be. This is a extremely cool way to tweet without your presence. It is really easy to use Tweet Adder and it works.

Another one is multiple client management that what users in twitter needs. You only need one copy of the software and 1 computer for many accounts. It can handle multiple accounts where it saves time and personal computer resources. A complete overview of all your twitter account in one twitter window.  This is perfect for the power user or those marketing on Twitter.

Tweet adder has been a wonderful piece of technology that you can use for your daily basis on twitter. With dozens of comments and screenshots showing Tweet Adder working, it seems that tweet adder really does work and does it all. Getting more followers for your twitter account is a must-have. Tweet adder appears to allow you to focus on selling, adding more friends while it saves you time drawing other things.

In summary, Tweet adder is a very helpful software that provides every individual in twitter the ability to add multiple followers without engaging too much work and saves more time to for your other work. The ability to manipulate things like adding more followers in twitter with a single click is like easy money on auto pilot.