When the average user thinks about Twitter as a platform, they see its social features and benefits.  Connecting, networking, socializing and interacting with people all over the world. When a marketer things about Twitter, they see a huge pool of users to which they can promote their products and services.  We see failed examples of this every day with spammers.

Another use for Twitter is SEO.  When you ask somebody about what they think about Twitter, they usually don’t think about SEO.  Google has openly publicized the search benefits of Social Signals.  Here is Matt Cutts speaking on this topic.

Tweeting a link can give you some SEO juice.  What is really giving the big benefits is when that tweet is naturally retweeted and shared. When properly optimized, tweets and twitter accounts can give you the max SEO benefits possible.

  1. Select an account name wisely. Optimize your Twitter account name as close as possible to your target keywords. Your name appears to be the head of your Twitter account and obviously serves as the one to be promoted.
  2. Fill out your profile URL. Adding your homepage URL to your profile is an easy, quick link back to your website.  The more popular your account is, the more powerful this link is.
  3. Spread the word.  Think about big ways to build your link profile to your Twitter account. You can integrate your Twitter URL into your website acting as a call to action on the site for those users to follow you on Twitter.
  4. Select the initial words of each tweet carefully. Your tweets serves and appears to be important for SEO as it determines what appears in the tweet’s title tag when it shows up as a top search result on Google. Some of your full tweets and all of its character is indexed in the search results, but not in their entirety.
  5. Write keyword-rich tweets.  Starts you tweet with a primary keyword phrase to them each message. Take advantage by using some active lingo or buzz words as this will enable you to capitalize on timely searches on those terms. Think carefully about which word you can use that is best convey your message and also allow you to leverage the real-time.
  6. Mind the retweetability. Make sure you’re that your tweets character limits allows for optimal “retweetability”. If you want your tweets to proliferate on Twitter, its deal is to keep it at least 120 characters so your followers can easily add and follow it.
  7. Optimize your bio. Optimize your Twitter page’s “Bio” line so it includes the most important keywords to you. Take advantage of this page because your bio often is consistently indexed so its contents are what provide your Twitter page with its core relevance.
  8. Last, give them what they want. People want interesting and beneficial information.  If your tweet and content are dry and boring, then its not going to get share.  Read up on linkbait and viral content to master this last optimization.

Twitter SEO is like email marketing. Your number one priority is to engage a solid relationship with your followers by offering interesting and useful things for them to look at. Once you have that in place you can add your own links and promotional marketing to drives sales. In addition, getting more Twitter friends is a must-have.

You can use twitter friend adder software that allows you to add lots of friends/followers immediately fit for your needs. You can do almost everything to optimize your sites and brands in Twitter.