When utilizing Twitter as a major cog of a company’s social media advertising plan, one has to schedule a tweet to make sure that everything is posted in a consistent manner.

Contrary to Facebook users, “Tweeters” look frequently for updates and postings of the people or the entities that they follow. This does not mean however that there is no solution to this dilemma—this can be easily fixed by making an extensive plan that includes the exact time to schedule a tweet.

Things to be consider by those who want to schedule a tweet

When coming up with a tweet schedule, one has to determine how long it will be. It would be best to coordinate with marketing personnel about the monthly special promos, sales, and deals, because they will be included in the tweets. It would also be ideal if the information can only be attained in a bi-weekly or weekly manner, but it should be remembered that the goal of scheduling a tweet is to make marketing plans a lot easier. With this in mind, they should be arranged in a manner that can be easily adjusted just in case changes develop.

Putting the aforementioned factors into consideration, the first thing that should be done by users or Twitter moderators is getting a hold of all the marketing details that will be used and customize an account on one of the Twitter applications that are specifically designed to schedule a tweet in the easiest way possible. Tweet Adder is a great application that can be easily bought and utilized. This software will be explained at the latter part of this article.

The next thing that should be done is to perform scrupulous research with regards to the industry that subject of the business venture. It would be ideal to check out blog posts, Facebook posts, and other websites where essential information can be shared. It is a somewhat strenuous task but it is important to those who want to schedule a tweet in an effective and efficient way.

Afterwards, it would be best create a spreadsheet and input the acquired data with the URL and the name of the website. Continue the research and look for interesting quotes, images, videos, and other things that are of useful value. They should be added to the spreadsheet to make sure that all the required components are covered. They should be mixed up in a way that will complement each other every time a post is made.

Once the said things have been grasped and compiled, it is time to schedule a tweet and make a list of other important things. A good recommendation would be to follow the guidelines that are explained in the succeeding passages.

There should be intervals between the marketing tweets and the regular ones. There should also be defined down times that users do not have to post as repeatedly and vice versa. Following these simple guidelines can be of good help to those who work with different clients who are in a variety of time zones.

Lastly, Twitter Moderators should compile the data from the spreadsheet and come up with specific times and schedule a tweet with the use of Twitter applications. It can be very useful at first, but in the long run it can become a set and forget kind of job.

Simply put, one does not have to do other things on his or her Twitter account. This is because success in the Twitter scene can be achieved through proper scheduling and exposure. Afterwards, one can concentrate on other procedures to gain more followers, and come up with more informative Twitter lists, and retweet, among others.  These methods can be cultivated by Tweet Adder, a downloadable software that is specifically designed to maximize the usefulness of Twitter accounts.

The benefits of Tweet Adder for those who want to schedule a tweet

Twitter is probably the biggest social media site nowadays and individuals who are affected by the “Twitter bug” include celebrities, business moguls, and other prominent individuals. Because of these attributes this social networking site is a fun and profitable method to advertise products and services. This is where Tweet Adder comes into consideration.

This program can be set to automate a number of things on a Twitter account which is composed of sending tweets and direct messages as well as following and unfollowing users. These features allow users to have more time for other marketing and advertising tasks. Below are some of the things that can be attained by those who will utilize Tweet Adder:

Targets specific Twitter users and therefore increase the traffic for a particular website.

Works in the background, as such it works by itself for a certain period even if users are doing other tasks.

The settings can be managed to fit a user’s preference so it can be programmed to send tweets and adjusted to follow and unfollow a number of users on a daily basis.

It is very cost effective and requires just one time off payment.


After reading the article, it can be said that there are a myriad of benefits that can be attained by those who will make a schedule of tweets and use Tweet Adder. In the long run, the straightforward tasks can increase the traffic as well as improve overall profitability. It should be remembered that Twitter was designed to help people interact better. With this in mind, simple tasks such as schedule a tweet and use Tweet Adder can do wonders in terms of business development.