Using a Twitter automation software product is a viable marketing option for business owners who want to increase profit and popularity by using a single powerful program application. It is no doubt that Twitter is fast becoming a favorite platform for small business owners and online marketers in advertising products and services. The reach and influence that only Twitter provide are remarkable, and taking advantage of its power will only fast-track your enterprise to further success and authority.

The utilization of Twitter automation software is increasing in popularity as well. These products make Twitter management and business marketing easier and fun tasks for both novice and expert Twitter users. Software tools such as Tweet Adder assist users in managing and completing the tasks and functions that are normally associated with Twitter. The fact that tools such as Tweet Adder enable users to save time and effort when marketing online makes it a necessity.

Twitter automation software enables you to:

  • Gather more followers even when you are not online
  • Business owners to save a substantial amount of money
  • Instead of hiring a personal or virtual assistant to expand your reach online and increase the number of prospective clients, Twitter automation tools can perform all application tasks for you.
  • Owners can now use the most popular and influential social platform in marketing goods to a large group of people at any one time.
  • Marketing strategies are integrated into the most popular channel online
  • Stretch and increase the functionality of your Twitter account by using programs such as Tweet Adder. It just may be the only program that your business will ever need to grow and prosper.
  • Connect your business to account users who will most likely become interested in your products and services
  • Regular Twitter users and even business owners can use Twitter to disseminate useful information to increase popularity and even authority in their chosen field of industry or niche.
  • Deliver valuable products, services, and information even when you’re asleep. This is the main goal of setting up Twitter automation software in the first place. You want to reach out to followers 24/7.
  • Get desirable results in a fast, steady, and sure manner.

Taking advantage of Twitter as a social media marketing tool is important especially among new businesses. Twitter just might be the best place to start when you want to build relationships and profits along the way. Knowing the type of tools that you can use and those that you need to avoid altogether is crucial so you can be sure of continued success and increasing popularity as well.

Tweet Adder makes it possible for you to reach your business goals by simply automating applications and tasks for you. Remember though that not all applications should be automated using Twitter automation software. Twitter is after all, a social media platform. It was not created for marketing purposes only, but as an avenue where people can share ideas, thoughts, and useful information. Bots are not allowed and the all-essential human touch from users are highly recommended and encouraged too.

There are a couple of things that Tweet Adder can automate for your account. This automation tool, with all its advanced settings, makes all your activities in Twitter seem natural and human. Twitter basically terminates the account of users who implement bad automation practices. There are limitations when automating activities and tasks on Twitter. Below are some of the automation practices that you can implement with the help of Tweet Adder.

RSS Feeds to Tweets

If you run a blog you can simply connect this to your Twitter account by using Tweet Adder. Your blog posts will automatically display on your Twitter timeline one you type in the link and URL of your blog in the advanced settings of this Twitter automation program. Important news and relevant RSS feeds can also be connected to your Twitter account by simply setting up Tweet Adder. Not only are you sharing important content, you are also building relationships, interest, and even profits as you post them in your Twitter timeline.

Automatic reply

To generate and boost the interest of both new and old followers, you need to show them that you care. If you don’t have the time to send out messages to all your 2000 followers one by one, Tweet Adder though will enable automatic reply for you. You can easily direct important general answers to all your followers with a click of the mouse. Tweet Adder is simple to use, making your save more time as you increase your potential for profits.

Automatic following

The goal of using a Twitter automation tool is to reach out and create an impressive following not overnight, but over a period of time. Tweet Adder, with its advanced scheduling feature makes it possible for you to follow users in your chosen niche at an acceptable pace.

By simply typing in keywords, Tweet Adder will efficiently sweep over Twitterverse and find followers who may potentially become your future clients too. It does this function without looking like a bot. There is no such thing as overnight success in Twitter. This social media platform bans accounts that implement aggressive follow tools. Instead of gaining profit from utilizing automation tools, you end up losing integrity and clients as well.

Here are some bad automation practices that should be avoided at all costs. If you want your business to increase its authority, popularity, and profitability making sure that you do not automate these applications will prove to be helpful for your Twitter account and business image:

Automatic mentions

It is rather a rule of thumb to never automate @mention function. If you have more than a thousand followers, there is just no way that you can actually squeeze all of them in 140 –character Tweet. Consequently, automating @mentions is not appropriate based on Twitter standards. Your account will most likely end up getting banned or terminated if you automate this Twitter application.

Automatic messages

Automatic Tweets never generate the response that you would like to get from your followers. Why? Auto mentions and replies just don’t feel human at all. Even if Twitter allowed this, do you really think you can attract more followers and gain response and feedback from them?

You can schedule Tweets though with the use of Tweet Adder. You can compose and create your own Tweets and schedule them to be posted on your timeline during specified times of the day. You can even re-schedule insightful and useful re-tweets as well. Always make your followers want to follow you more by creating interesting and relevant posts that are truly your own.

Aggressive following and un-following feature

Automation of follow and unfollow application has its drawbacks. This is especially true if you are using Twitter automation software that does not feature a smart scheduling function. Automation is all about strategic scheduling of Twitter applications and tasks. There is just no way you can follow or unfollow a thousand users in a day. Twitter recognizes this fact and terminates all accounts that behave like bots. With Tweet Adder, you can weed out all accounts that you did follow but did not follow back. By simply manipulating the settings of your scheduler, it will be easier for you to manage your Twitter account as a social marketing platform.