Almost everybody has a Twitter account and almost everyone will attest to their annoyance with Twitter bots. There has been a surge of tweet attacks from bots which makes the social networking site less fun and more disappointing. You may not know what they really are but think of the spam and all the inconveniences that it caused you in the past. Twitter bots are much like spam, but this time, they are actually able to automate everything. How can you escape the clutches of twitter bots and how can you get rid of followers who aren’t even human? In addition, there are Twitter account owners who behave like bots as well. Not only are they deceiving, the content and the newsworthiness of their links leave an impression that their Twitter account is nothing but spam.

In order for you to make your presence known and to attract more followers, there are certain guidelines which need to be followed by account owners. This is especially true since most people’s main aim in creating a Twitter account is to make their interests and personality known to a large number of people. You really wouldn’t be as popular and your Twitter page will definitely be boring and annoying if you don’t know how to manage it accordingly.

Because of one’s yearning to obtain more followers, some people tend to verify all incoming notifications and requests from unknown people. What most of us are missing out on is the fact that bots usually send their invites by matching keywords which is their focus of interest as well. There are Twitter bots that are too good to be true. One day, they will be feeding you with pretty good links and information. However, in the long run, you may find them a bit suspicious as their activities of retweeting have gone way too much. Twitter bot retweets congest and clog your timeline. Instead of being able to find interesting topics from different followers, you end up reading articles and viewing links which are useless altogether.

How can you Avoid Twitter bots?

The harsh reality is the fact that Twitter bots are here to stay. Twitter is a good venue for social networking and marketing. Business owners may use one Twitter bot or two in their efforts to optimize the said social program as an integral part their online marketing efforts. However, to some of them, the whole process of social networking had already become automated.  The best thing you can do is Mark as Spam and Ignore.

Twitter software bots are generally useful, but only if they are utilized in moderation. If you decide on creating a bot for your Twitter account, make sure that you still gain control and infuse your personality in your tweets or retweets.

If your Twitter page is just full of spammers and bots, here are some helpful steps which you can take so you can weed out these automatic spammers and keep your “real followers” in the loop.

•    Don’t just follow people or entities back who are following you

Most people practice courtesy and respect online too much that they become victims of Twitter bot attacks. Thing is, there are no social protocols which need to be followed when you’re in Twitter. Only follow those who you personally deem are legit and are not only in Twitter to become a menace to other individuals. There are identifying signs which point who among your followers are mere bots and who are actually humans. Try to look at the message when you receive notifications and requests. Overly compelling statements or unbelievable information will most likely catch your attention and are more likely Twitter bots as well.

The general principle is to look closer into the pattern and activity of a particular Twitter account before approving their request. It’s always ideal to keep your followings to necessities. If you don’t think that you will mostly benefit from following an individual, don’t feel guilty and downright ignore it. Your credibility won’t be as much affected if you have a not-so-huge following or a large number of followers of your account.

•    Don’t be Twitter bot spammer yourself

Yes, it’s easy to simply put an automated Twitter adder bot in place as a Twitter Tool when you’re busy with work but at the same time, still remain active in the said social network site.  However, if you aim to gain more followers, try to balance your time and plan your Twitter feeds accordingly. Twitter bots are helpful to a certain extent. However, when they are used all the time to push feeds and links all at once, they become spam. There are also over-enthusiastic individuals who usually exhibit this as well. They don’t put so much planning and thinking into their feeds that they become a menace to their online community too. If you don’t want to lose followers, sound more human in your feeds and make them look presentable and interesting as well. Not all spammers are bots, and if you allow yourself to look like one in Twitter, it will only take a short amount of time and your followers will slowly but surely block or unfollow you.

Twitter bots have successfully reduced the value of tweet feeds and retweets. With this in mind, using Twitter management software such as Tweet Adder, which creates, schedules, and organizes newsworthy links and information on your account, is most certainly a must-have. This is especially true if you want to develop or maintain authority in this social networking site. This software application also allows you to unfollow, block, and ignore Twitter bots all at a click of a mouse.

Using automated software such as the Tweet Adder and personally managing and customizing your account settings regularly is a combination that will attract more followers and increase your popularity and authority online.